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Plast-O-Matic EBVA, TEBVA Electric Actuators

Series EBVA Electric Actuators for 2-Way and 3-Way Ball Valves w/ Direct Manual Override, Visual Position Indicator, CE/IP 65 type Housing


  • Multi-Voltage with automatic voltage sensing
  • Rugged plastic construction for corrosive atmospheres.
  • Direct manual override with visual position indication helps prevent disaster in the event of a power failure.
  • LED status lights.Electronic over-torque protection.Thermally protected motor.Anti-condensation heater.
  • CE Marked IP-65 water and dust proof enclosure.
  • Easily attached to MBV Ball Valves with Double-D drive.
  • Simple connections for remote operation and position indication.
  • Fail-Safe and 4-20 mA digital positioner options for control valve applications with characterized profile ball designs.
  • Now available in 3" and 4" sizes.

Series EBVA Actuators have many clear and important advantages over competitor's products:

  • Manual override is direct to valve -- not through a gear train -- to eliminate potentially hazardous conditions. Do not consider a valve actuator without manual override unless you have a convenient and regularly tested shutoff capability as backup.Many "discount" actuators are not thermally protected. They could potentially run and run until overheating leads to failure or even fire.
  • Series EBVA position indicator is mechanically attached to the valve shaft and the running lights are wired to the motor. Indicator lights on most low cost actuators are electrically wired to your supplied signal. If the valve is jammed, if the motor burns out, if the gear box strips -- the light will not indicate the position of the valve -- it simply indicates your electrical signal.

Any one of these shortcomings could result in disaster under the right circumstances. We urge you to research actuator specifications carefully, and make an informed, safe decision.

EBVA Model Selection

Base Models & Specifications
Valve Size & Type VoltageBase Model NumberMax. Run Torque
(Nm/in./lbs)Max. Break Torque
Working Time, Seconds
0-90º No Load ±10%
3/8" - 2", 2-way 85-240 Volts, AC or DCEBVA120/17725/221 5.5
3/8" - 2", 2-way 12-24 Volts, AC or DCEBVA220/17725/221 5.5
2½" - 4", 2-way 85-240 Volts, AC or DCEBVA355/48760/531 14
2½" - 4", 2-way 12-24 Volts, AC or DCEBVA455/48760/531 16
3/8" - 2", 3-way 85-240 Volts, AC or DCTEBVA520/17725/221 11
3/8" - 2", 3-way 12-24 Volts, AC or DCTEBVA620/17725/221 11
NOTES: EBVA1 and EBVA2 may sometimes be substituted on larger valves for cost savings if pressures/torque values permit. Please consult factory before specifying.

Completing the Actuator Model Number

The base actuator number above is only the first part of the specification process. The base actuator for all size valves is offered as either a standard actuator or with a combination of options, and must be specified with a suffix number. In other words, an "EBVA1" must be completed with a second number, for example, EBVA1-1. A table of these suffix numbers is below.

Standard & Optional Suffixes
Valve Option Model Number Suffix
Standard Actuator, no options -1
w/Fail Safe Option -2
w/4-20 mA Control Option -3
w/4-20 mA Control Option
and Fail Safe Option
w/0-10V DC Control Option -5
w/0-10V DC Control Option
and Fail Safe Option

Thus, an actuator for a 1/2" Ball Valve that will use 110V AC power and the fail-safe option would be an EBVA1-2. A complete chart of part numbers -- including the valve -- is shown next.

Completing the Actuator Model Number with Valve

* Characterized balls for flow control can be ordered with standard V-cuts, angled at 15º, 30º, 45º, 60º, and 90º. The -C suffix must be completed with a number, as shown in the table below. More information is available

To Specify Characterized Ball Angles
Angle Suffix
V-cut with 15º angle -C1
V-cut with 30º angle -C3
V-cut with 45º angle -C4
V-cut with 60º angle -C6
V-cut with 90º angle -C9


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